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Ellen McCarthur Foundation / New Plastics Economy

Bella + Frank is proud to say that we are officially signatories of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.

Plastic waste and pollution have captured the attention of the public, governments, and businesses around the world. The search for solutions has started, and there is growing recognition that addressing the symptoms through clean-ups is not enough. A systemic shift tackling the root causes is required: a transition towards a circular economy for plastic, in which plastic never becomes waste.

Over the past four years, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has been rallying businesses and governments behind this positive vision of a circular economy for plastic.

In January 2018, it brought together leading companies committed to work towards 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging by 2025, which was scaled to an industry-wide, global effort with the launch of the Global Commitment in October 2018.

The Global Commitment, launched by the Foundation and UN Environment in October 2018, draws a line in the sand in the fight against plastic waste and pollution. It unites over 250 businesses, governments, NGO, universities, and other organisations globally behind a vision that addresses the issue at its root cause.

Friends of the Earth

As a brand, our committed to protecting our environment is at our core.

That is why we’ve partnered with Friends of the Earth, the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaigning organisation. We share with them a strong sense of guardianship of the natural world and understanding that this requires all of us to play a part.

This partnerships allows Bella + Frank to bring eco-consciousness to families across the UK and spread the word about how you and your kids can help the environment.

We are joining the Save the Bees campaign.

We’ve lost eleven species since 1900, and a further thirty-five UK bee species are under threat of extinction. Bees and other pollinators are crucial to the sustenance of our environment, ecosystems and food industry.

When you spend £100+ on our website, we will send you a Friends of the Earth Bee Saver Kit with information on how you can help. We will also donate £15 of your order to Friends of the Earth to fund their much-needed campaign work.

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