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Children’s clothes that are practical, well-designed in the UK and consciously made in Europe.

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Our 'Dog Days' clothing range takes inspiration from our favourite plants & animals of the natural world.

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Sustainable kids clothes

for those who love nature.

Hello! We are Bella + Frank, a sustainable children’s clothing brand with nature and adventure at our heart. 


Sustainability is both a practice and a goal at Bella + Frank. Our entire range of eco children’s clothing is made from exclusively sustainable materials from organic cotton and ethical wool to recycled fabrics such as polyester.

We hope introducing eco-consciousness to young minds through sustainable children’s clothing in inspiring and bold designs will help raise a generation of environmentally aware consumers. 

At Bella + Frank, we believe that if you’re seeking to inspire children there is no better way to do so than with what they interact with everyday: ethical children’s clothes that are practical, well-designed and consciously made.

We consider our ethical & environmental impact along four main considerations:

  • Traceability – we ensure that the process of our clothes being made is traceable from beginning to end.
  • Low waste/pollution – it’s important for us to reduce as much waste as we can to improve our environment.
  • Circularity – we try hard to make sure any waste that is produced is used in a circular way.
  • Fairness – we use organic materials to ensure fairness across our sources.

Our kids clothing range consists of fabrics made from certified organic cotton and recycled materials. But what does this really mean?


Organic cotton: when cotton is made organically, there is less damage caused to the environment. This is because no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used in the process meaning the soil and water around the cotton fields is kept clean. 

Recycled materials: We used recycled polyester in lots of our clothing. By doing this, it lessens the demand for virgin polyester to be made, therefore reducing the amount of water used in the creating process. Recycled polyester is made from recycling clear plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill. By doing this, we save between 33-55% of the energy used in the process. 

Ethical wool: Our wool is sourced from farms which adhere to strict guidelines regarding the welfare of the animals. For us, it’s important the animals create their wool in a safe environment and are shorn only when needed. 

Learn more about our environmentally friendly materials.

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