Is recycled polyester a sustainable material?

Here at Bella + Frank, we use recycled polyester in many of our garments. 

But what actually is recycled polyester and how is it better than regular polyester?

In this blog post we will cover:

  • What is recycled polyester?
  • How is recycled polyester made?
  • Our top three recycled polyester products 

What is recycled polyester

Essentially, recycled polyester is made the same way as regular polyester but of course the difference being the plastic comes from recycled bottles, rather than making virgin plastic. 

Of course, this means it is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that go to landfill by using them instead of making new plastic. 

There is no need for new plastic to be made anymore, yet still many companies are happy to continue making new plastic from scratch. But every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still on this planet. So let’s use it instead of wasting it! 

According to studies, it’s estimated that 12 billion metric tons of plastic waste will end up in landfill by 2050. This plastic will not break down at all, it will just sit there for hundreds of years. How have we managed to create this much waste in 60 years, since plastic was first invented?

It is also estimated that soon, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish. We can’t let this happen when there are ways of reusing the plastic and stopping it from ruining our environments. 

That's why at Bella + Frank, we ensure our garments are made from recycled materials rather than making virgin materials. Let’s use what we already have!

How is recycled polyester made?

Making recycled polyester is a fairly simple process which more companies need to take on board, to help reduce the amount of waste they produce. 

Firstly, plastic bottles from either landfills or the ocean are collected, washed and crushed into flakes.

Once the plastic is in flake form, it is rolled into small chips. These chips are then melted down and turned into fibres which can be used to make clothing. 

This process doesn’t require new petroleum during to process and therefore dramatically reduces carbon emissions opposed to making virgin polyester. 

On average, creating recycled polyester used 75% less Co2 than regular polyester does. 

By providing uses for post-commercial and industrial plastic, we are ensuring that this plastic is used again and doesn’t go to waste. 

Our top three recycled polyester products 

Morpho Hooded Sweater

Our Morpho hooded sweater is made from recycled polyester. It’s the perfect piece for outdoor adventures in the cooler months and for summer evenings. With a hood for warmth and protection and a little pocket to collect leaves and rocks, this piece is great for little wanderers. 

Coral Swimsuit 

Our coral swimsuit is made from recycled polyester and has uv protection built in to shield your little ones from the sun. The stunning coral print is done digitally, which not only uses less water to produce but also means there are fewer mistakes and therefore less fabric waste. 

Reversible Overshirt Beetle

Our overshirt is also made from 100% recycled polyester. Being reversible, the versatility of this piece makes it one of our most sustainable garments. Perfect for Autumn and Spring days spent outdoors.