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Organic Cotton


Over 95% of our cotton is certified organic. This guarantees that the cotton is sourced from farms that do not grow genetically modified plants.

Critically, the cotton requires less irrigation and is also grown without any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides.

This significantly reduces the impact of cotton farming on the environment drastically reducing the amount of water and chemical pollution from growing cotton.


Recycled Polyester


Recycled polyester uses PET bottles as the raw material.

This material is recycled from clear plastic bottles as an alternative to ending up in landfills, lessening soil contamination as well as air and water pollution.

Converting PET to recycled polyester requires much less energy than virgin polyester (between 33-53% less energy).




We are very aware of the issues of sourcing animal fibres and the cruelty with which animals may be treated during rearing and shearing.

We are careful to source our wool from suppliers that work with ethical farms with a clear and strict code of practice around animal care and treatment.

We keep track of the investigations PETA undertakes particularly in sometimes problematic areas like USA and Australia.




SEAQUAL is a certified upcycled synthetic fabric made from repurposed waste collected from the sea.

This is one of the most certified, earth friendly fibres in the world.

It is high quality recycled polyester yarn made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles and other plastic captured from the sea.

That’s why it contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in the planet’s water.


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